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Get  fit and toned, by strengthening the muscles that directly impact yoursexual performance while increasing blood flow for staying power.



Each move has an impact she can feel there is  purpose is built in to each exercise, every rep makes you so much better in so many ways



A low impact calisthenic workout that activates the core while improving sexual function. The  BEST for Men ever conceived.



Join the elite 1% of men through building your Sexual Physique  and resetting what women consider an amazing lover across the globe.  

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360 Degree Fitness Solution

Tantra Bodybuilding is comprised  of several  unique exercise elements that are applicable both as a means of maintaining a healthy strong body and as instruction tools for the use of the body during intimacy. The purpose being to maintenance both aspects.

The Tantra Bodybuilding exercises explain both the fitness and sensual applications of each movement. So that can be performed alone and in sets as a fitness routine or as a method of pleasing ones partner.  The training segments can be structured for beginner, intermediate or advanced sessions and can act as a foundation that future courses can build on top of.

Building A Foundation

Each of the Tantra Bodybuilding  exercises represents an incremental movement that has a purpose during intimacy. You learn what each does, how each core exercise impacts a woman when in a unique way when it is used during coitus. You learn the way they massage her inside, you learn the angles they use and how to increase and decrease force with each.

When combined into combinations these TBB core exercises form different S.T.R.O.K.Es advanced thrusting sequences that men use to please women.  Through training the elements the body gains the endurance, strength and rhythm it needs to learn S.T.R.O.K.E.s  and use to them efficiently.

Tantra Bodybuilding allows you to be one in BILLIONS
Train more than your Body…
Train your  Sensual Skill, Stamina and Sexual Strength

Sensual Muscle Memory



Strength Training

Sexual Muscle Memory?

Tantra Body Building looks to give men sexual strength and physical strength within each work out session.

Every second spent exercising with Tantra Bodybuilding makes your abs, core, arms, legs and sexual skill more
refined because each repitition sharpens your muscle memory, strengthening your relationship.

The sexual muscle memory that you develop switches to the ON position during intimacy allowing your partner
to feel your training, allowing  you to enjoy and relax in the knowledge your performance will be excellent.
Use the same routines in your relationship to add unmatched versitility and variety to your intimate moment
Your body was trained to go harder, faster, longer in the bedroom than anyone else. YOU TRAIN THEY DON’T


A Community of Brothers  

Through your training  you will unlock secret abilities hidden in your bodytype that you never knew existed.

The program intuitively adjusts to each of our unique features and reveals sensual talents we never knew we had.

Tantra Bodybuilding is comprised of a cadre of men who invest in being the best. Men who invest in themselves by polishing their skills until they shine.

How TBB Works In Bed

The Coital Alignment Technique is a special way of  speeding up the female orgasm  during genital sexual intercourse (without manual stimulation such as massage and licking). It uses movement to create friction and pressure against the clitoris and gspot simultaniously. The C.A.T is the only technique proven to help women achieve orgasms through penetration.

Tantra Bodybuilding has built the C.A.T into each one of its exercises as a means to engage the CAT’s orgasm generating potential. There are guides and videos on how each should be used in the bedroom to unlock the coital alignment abilities that each has.

TBB Sexual Strength Guide

Each Tantra Bodybuilding exercise has the CAT properties built in and has a certain amount of sensual strength when used during intimacy.  Training primes you not only to perform them in the gym but  the bedroom with endurance,  ease and precision.






A Full Bodied
Functional Training Experience

Your Workouts Should Improve More Than How You Look They Should Improve How you Feel (to her)


Functional Training Graphic

Customize.  Your . Experience




Discover your Sexual Physique Type and
Get A Free Guide.

Reveal your natural bedroom strengths.

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Built To Fit Your Life

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Choose Your Bodytype & Add Extra Skills To Your Arsenal.

Its simple as grabbing the package,  and jumping in. Your body will take care of the rest.
There are so many skills to mix and match you can develop your own combinations
that empower your own individual style.

  • Ectomorph Body Type
  • Impact Leverage Tantra Style
  • Long Arms
  • Compact Chest
  • Fast Metabolism
  • Natural Thrust Athlete
  • Are You Ecto - Take Assesment
  • Mesomporph Body Type
  • Pressure Domination TantraStyle
  • Wide Shoulders
  • Small Waist
  • Large Joints
  • Natural Thrust Diversity
  • Are You Meso - Take Assesment
  • Endomorph Body Type
  • Strike Lift Eruption Style
  • Thick Core
  • Strong Legs
  • Wide Hips
  • Natural Thrust Endurance
  • Are You Endo - Take Assesment





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