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Get  fit and toned, particularly when it comes to the muscle development in your core while increasing blood flow to vital organ systems.

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The “CAT” (Coital Alignment Technique) is built in which has been scientifically-proven to  effectively maximize male sensual capacity.

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Take your workouts on the road with mobile ready interactive training videos using our app with nutrition tracker. Keep track of your improvements.

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24/7 Support

Get feedback and tips on usage, style, nutrition and more with our 24/7   coaching system, we are here to help Stroke Skills work for you.

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360 Degree Fitness Solution

Tantra Bodybuilding with STROKE SKILLS offers an opportunity to take part in an enjoyable workout for the same muscle groups that you’d exercise while performing push-ups, sit-ups and squats but with far far more benefits.

Sensual Muscle Memory



Strength Training

Confidence, a muscle worth flexing

Your confidence, appearance and performance is a reflection of your way of life.  The way you feel about yourself will often determine the impression you make.  Training with a purpose, eating with a purpose and loving with a purpose are lifestyle modifications that can enhance your overall well-being will lead to a happier, healthier you. Tantra Bodybuilding is that it is not some urban myth, it doesn’t deal with stereotypes, it doesn’t make huge promises and advertise under unlisted addresses. Stroke Skills is the real deal, for regular and normal people like you and I to learn new skills that will empower us in mind, body and techniques to break the mould and become a star performer each and every time we choose to be intimate with our partners. Tantra Bodybuilding is a way of life, a way of thinking and being that enhances your life in every aspect.

Go from good to great, from average to extraordinary, from you to the real you. The good news is that you have all it takes, we all do! We just need precise advice and support to achieve our goals. Stroke Skills combines expert fitness techniques with research and facts that delivers boldly on it’s promises. In fact, it doesn’t make promises, it states facts.  The only two questions you need to ask yourself before joining the Tantra Bodybuilding lifestyle would be: Do I deserve to be happy, truly happy and fulfilled? Does my partner deserve to meet the “best version of me”?

Aspirational . Customizable . Inclusive




About Tantra Bodybuilding

Tantra Bodybuilding provides men tools to chisel themselves into something better in so many ways.

We believe that a man who is passionate about polishing his skills and unlocking the secret abilities within his unique body is ELITE.

Built upon the coital alignment technique Stroke Skills Tantra Bodybuilding is proven to dramatically make men better.
The program intuitively adjusts to each of our unique features and reveals sensual talents we never knew we had.

Getting started is easy visit our Skills Library and grab all the skills you want to add to your arsenal.
Join the ranks of the elite with a stamina, strength and skill that will sky rocket confidence, performance
and endurance in so many ways.

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Built To Fit Your Life

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Add Extra Skills To Your Arsenal.

Its simple as grabbing the package  and jumping in. Your body will take care of the rest. There are so many skills to mix and match you can build your own combinations that fits perfectly to your individual style. Exercising should be engaging and motivational, many people confess to having so much fun getting better that they forget they are working out, until they see all the new definition in the mirror.

  • Wall Stretching Strokes
  • Drop & Press Style
  • Instructional Ebook
  • 10+ Interactive Videos
  • Multi Platform Mobile Fitness App
  • Demonstrations on Female Models
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  • GushInducing Strokes
  • Length Domination Style
  • Instructional Ebook
  • +10 Interactive Videos
  • Multi Platform Mobile Fitness App
  • Demonstrations on Female Models
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  • Crushing/ Impact Strokes
  • Strike Lift Eruption Style
  • Instructional Ebook
  • +10 Interactive Videos
  • Multi Platform Mobile Fitness App
  • Demonstrations on Female Models
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